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New Haida Art At YVR Is Tall And Beautiful

Haida Art At YVR

Haida Art At YVR

YVR has boosted its Northwest Coast art collection with the addition of Raven Stealing the Beaver Lake, The Blind Halibut Fisherman and Raven with a Broken Beak, all carved by internationally acclaimed artist Reg Davidson.

The new carvings are on display in the Link Rotunda area of YVR’s Domestic Terminal, after security near C Pier departure gates.

“Art is an important part of how we create a unique sense of place at YVR that represents the cultural heritage, natural beauty and iconic experiences that embody British Columbia,” said Anne Murray, Vice President, Marketing and Communications.

Raven Stealing the Beaver Lake is a 24-foot carved cedar pole which illustrates an episode of Haida creation myth in which the Beaver people brought Raven to their great house and provided him with meals of salmon.

Haida Art At YVR

The Blind Halibut Fisherman and Raven with a Broken Beak sculptures were inspired by a Haida myth in which Raven attempted to play a joke on an old, blind man.

“Thanks to YVR’s amazing display of artwork, visitors from around the world are able to experience a first-class vision of Aboriginal cultures, histories and traditions,” said Reg Davidson. “I thank YVR for providing a unique opportunity for visitors to learn more about British Columbia, home to one third of all First Nations in Canada.”

Fun fact: YVR is home to one of the largest collections of BC First Nations art. It proudly showcases the art throughout the airport.



Images via YVR

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