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New Go2Gether Carpool App Debuts At SFU

SFU has the name of a “Commuter School” due to the fact that the majority of the students live off the mountain. Sometimes students must spend hours on transit traveling back and forth, not only is this horrendously time consuming and expensive but SFU loses a sense of community when people are too busy soaring back and forth. Thank goodness there is a solution that can fix all that.

Introducing the Acorn Stair-lift… No wait, I mean introducing go2gether, a car pooling service just for SFU. This program is in beta testing but is sure fire to succeed.

Here’s is how it works

First you register, followed by where you want to go, when you want to go, and how often you go. From that point hopefully you are left with an array of people that match your schedule – select one and you’re on your way.

You save money by splitting gas, you also save time and you may make a few friends on the way. The goal of this service is to one day not only be to help you commute to SFU but to UBC, work, grocery shopping (especially of you live up on the mountain) and help mold together a stronger community.

Drive down to their website at go2gether.ca to start your journey. They also have a blog you can visit at blog.go2gether.ca to hear stories and see the opportunities. Send them your questions and concerns.

Would you use use go2gether? Why or why not? Share with us by commenting below


Written by: Christopher Orellana

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