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New Canadian $100 Bill

Canadians can get their hands on the country’s newest banknotes today!

$100 bills made from a plastic polymer designed to last longer and thwart counterfeiters. To fight that, the new bills have two transparent windows built into them that make them difficult to forge but easy to verify. One extends from the top to the bottom of the bill and has holographic images. Another window is in the shape of a maple leaf. There is also transparent text, a metallic portrait, raised ink and partially hidden numbers throughout.
The $100 is just the first denomination to be released. A new $50 bill is expected in March, follow by new $20, $10 and $5 versions. All are expected by the end of 2013. Because they are made of durable polymer, the new bills are expected to last 2.5 times as long as the current ones. That alone could save the government $200 million or more over the life of the series, officials say.

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