Celebrate National ‘Hike Naked’ Day, Yes It’s A Thing

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hike naked day

There’s a day for everything—International Cat Day, National Caesar Day and even Hike Naked Day.

That’s right. Hiking through the woods in the nude.

Sure we’ve seen pictures of men and women flashing the wilderness in the classic shot at the top of the mountain, but we didn’t realize it warranted its own special day.

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The liberating Naked Hiking Day takes place on the first day of Summer all around the world. What better way to celebrate the start of a new season than by trekking around in nothing but your birthday suit?

So hikers, be warned. If you’re out hitting the trails on June 21st, you may catch a glimpse of something other than wildlife.

For those looking to participate, check out our guides:

National Hike Naked Day

When: June 21st 2017

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