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This BC Lake Made National Geographic’s 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

kalamalka lake

Photo: trevtuck / Instagram

Located in Vernon, Kalamalka Lake stuns visitors with its multifaceted, colourful waters.

And, locals aren’t the only ones who recognize the lake’s sublime beauty. National Geographic named it one of the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world, and it isn’t hard to see why.

During the summer, the lake warms and its limestone forms an array of sparkling crystals. From here, these luminescent formations reflect sunlight and mix with the water to create vibrant blue and green colours.

As the temperature changes through the seasons, ribbons of colour cut across the lake, creating a dazzling display of vivid hues.

Fittingly, Kalamalka Lake translates to “Lake of a Thousand Colours.”

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 Kalamalka Lake


Known as Vernon’s crown jewel, this awe-inspiringly beautiful body of water is ideal for kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding, and more. In addition, the surrounding area is gorgeous, and has a number of trails for hiking and mountain biking.

What’s more, its shores are home to a bounty of wildlife. Resident animals includes coyote, deer, black bear, Columbian ground squirrels, yellow-ballied marmots, mink, bobcat and red fox.


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