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Should Movie Theatres Reopen With a Face Mask Policy?

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Cineplex movie theatres are about to open up across B.C., but you may not like the safety measures (or lack thereof) set in place.

The movie theatre company announced it will open more locations nationwide next month, as quarantine restrictions begin to ease.

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And while many businesses reopening are asking customers to wear face coverings, Cineplex is not one of them.


Some people have taken to social media to show their disappointment in the company for not enforcing this rule. Many have said they won’t be going to the theatre if others are not wearing masks.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

However, employees will have to wear masks and other protective equipment. The company will also implement other safety measures, like disinfecting seats, adding spaces between seats for social distancing and staggering showtimes.

Other businesses reopening are asking customers to wear masks, like T&T Supermarket and Costco.

Do you think Cineplex should make masks mandatory? Would you go to the movies, if others were not wearing masks?

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