A Massive Resort Planned For The Fraser Valley Wants To Host The Olympics

2010 Winter Olympics to 2030 olympics

We all remember the excitement and fanfare around the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Well another B.C. city may have a chance of hosting the international sporting event again, this time in the Fraser Valley region.

Plans to build the Bridal Veil Mountain Resort will make the city of Chilliwack a potential contender to hold the 2030 Winter Olympics.

Talks have already started between the former VANOC CEO John Furlong and the team of Bridal Veil Mountain Resort (BVMR).

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Chilliwack for 2030 Winter Olympics?

The idea to put in a bid to host the 2030 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in as many as 8 communities has been given the green light. However, BVMR hopes for Chilliwack to be the main host.

Despite competition from other cities, President of BVMR, Robert Wilson believes that their resort is a strong contender.

Although not yet built, the support from the Stó:lō and local community support, along with the provincial, regional, and municipal governments makes them confident that they could build a tremendous mountain resort that meets Olympic standards.

About the Bridal Veil Mountain Resort

This resort is proposed for the area in the Upper Fraser Valley, in Chilliwack, south of the Fraser River. Wilson has several ideas for the long-term vision of the resort, including two sightseeing gondolas.

His vision includes being able to scale up easily should the opportunity to those the 2030 Winter Olympics happens. However, all plans are preliminary at this point, and are subject to First Nations engagement and input.


Photo: Bridal Veil Mountain Resort

Support for the Bid

Despite getting the opportunity to host, Wilson does support John Furlong’s vision of a potential B.C. bid for various communities.

Regardless, he says, “British Columbians have already shown the world what we can do, and the 2030 Olympic and Paralympic Games would be another opportunity to showcase our province and our cities to the world, and we’d like Chilliwack to be a part of that story.”

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort is in the expression of interest phase of the B.C.’s all-season resort development application process. More information on this tourism attraction can be found on their website.


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