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Here are the Most Dangerous Collision Spots in Richmond, According to a New Study

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Although the rate of collisions in Richmond has gone down, the suburb still saw more than 6,000 accidents – with some spots worse than others.

ICBC recently released new data on crashes in Richmond, showing that 116 collisions involved pedestrians.

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There were intersections that were worse for this than others, with Ackroyd Road at Cooney Road and Granville Avenue at No. 3 Road topping the list.

Each of these intersections faced four pedestrian collisions in 2018, while six others followed with three accidents that year.

But from the 6,425 crashes overall, many took place near high-traffic areas like Knight Street Bridge, Massey Tunnel or the intersection of No. 5 Road and Steveston Highway.

Knight Street Bridge saw 213 crashes in 2018, as opposed to 302 in 2017. While Massey Tunnel had 147 compared to 139 the year prior.

And the No. 5 Road intersection had 134 accidents in 2018, while it had 159 in 2017.

The numbers show a clear decrease by 13%, where there was 7,352 crashes in 2017.

So while there is good news, be sure to be extra careful in these areas!

Here are the most dangerous intersections across Metro Vancouver.

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