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Mosaic Harvest Dining Package At The Hyatt Regency [Review]

Mosaic Harvest

From now until the end of February, the Hyatt Regency’s Mosaic Grille is teaming up with Vaneats.ca in offering the ‘Mosaic Harvest’ dining package. For $27 this includes a three-course meal, where you are given some flexibility in your meal design, having your choice of appetizer, entrée, and dessert.  Recently I was given the honour of tasting the Mosaic Harvest for myself, and I was definitely impressed!

First off, it must be said that from the moment I walked into the restaurant I felt that I was welcome. The staff shows a genuine interest in your dining experience and seem like they are more than happy to be part of the Mosaic team, which instantly sets a positive mood.

The dining environment itself was also extremely relaxing, with dimmed lighting, and views of a bustling Burrard street to look out on from above.

Mosaic Harvest

I can honestly say that the food was just as lovely! To start off, buns and butter were brought to our table.  Just as quickly as they came they also disappeared, and one of the servers graciously brought out another helping.

Soon after my appetizer arrived. My choice was the Fall Salad, complete with beets, pumpkins, fennel, baby carrots, and Tokyo turnips. The tangerine dressing and basal gel on the side was light, allowing the taste of the ingredients to stand out instead of being drowned in their toppings. The presentation of the salad was also flawless and when it was first placed in front of me I hesitated before digging in. The salad and dressing were arranged on the plate like a work of art and I couldn’t stop admiring the way it was put together! However, eventually the smell of the fresh ground pepper was too enticing to resist!

MosaicSalad2 Mosaic Harvest

When my entrée came out I was equally impressed. I tried the Sous Vide Lamb, with broccoli rabe and butternut squash. Typically this dish also comes with a spiced walnut coating, which I sadly had to have removed due to my allergies. Nonetheless, the lamb was cooked perfectly – I am extremely picky when it comes to lamb or steak, but the chef was able to cook my lamb well-done (something no other restaurant has been able to successfully do for me)!  The butternut squash sprinkled around the outside of the dish was also excellent, and they gave just the right amount to add more flavor to the dish.

Finally it was time for dessert – the part of the meal I was most eager to taste! I had the Pumpkin and Nutmeg Crème Brulee. The crispy carmelized topping was delicious when coupled with the pumpkin mixture inside. I had to hold myself back from eating it too quickly – it was just too good!

MosaicDessert1 Mosaic Harvest

Others in my group shared a whole Mosaic Chocolate Cake, which I am told is a great dessert option as well (it certainly looked mouth-watering). However, if you are eating from the Mosaic Harvest menu the individual slices are more than generous.

I definitely enjoyed my evening spent at Mosaic and strongly suggest choosing this dining package for your next night out.  It was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a sit down meal in the heart of Vancouver.

 Written by: Kerri J

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