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Mobi Bike Share Expands To Stanley Park

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Mobi’s popular bike share program will expand to Vancouver’s biggest park.

Stanley Park will boast several stations for folks to rent a bike and ride around while also enjoying the perks of Mobi’s services.

The Vancouver Park board approved of the new location, along with a few others around the city, despite local businesses being against the decision to bring the bike share program to the area.

CTV reported that small bike rental shops were upset because they were led to believe that Mobi bike share would not target tourists; however, with the service coming to Stanley Park, tourists will be one of the main sources of bike rentals as the area does not attract many commuters.

Since Mobi has rode its way into the city, more than 73,000 trips have been taken on the popular bikes.

But at what cost to local businesses?

While most local bike rental shops are outside of Stanley Park, Mobi will have stations throughout the park that will be more easily accessible to people, especially visiting tourists.

Mobi insists they are a complementary service to the local shops and encourage riders to rent from them if they wish to ride for longer than half an hour.

The new stations in Stanley Park will be located at:

  • Second Beach South and North
  • Third Beach
  • Stanley Park Pavilion
  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • The Information Booth
  • The Totem Poles

New stations will also pop up at:

  • Kitsilano Beach Park
  • Sunset Beach East and West Parking Lot
  • English Bay (bathhouse roof plaza)


Are you happy about the new stations in Stanley Park? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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