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A Six Foot Long Ball Python Snake Is On The Loose In Delta

missing snake / python discovered dead

While a report of a missing snake is always a cause for concern, knowing the reptile is a full 6 feet long is particularly unnerving.

Called “Gypsy” by its owner, this lengthy ball python was reported missing on July 6th to Delta Police. Apparently, the reptile went missing on June 30th in a Ladner field, but the snake’s whereabouts were subsequently unknown.

“Unfortunately, officers do not have an exact location where the snake was last seen – just that it was in a farmer’s field in Ladner,” says Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police.

“The snake is six feet long, eight inches in diameter and a dark caramel colour.”

Previously, Delta Police had been in contact with the owner of the snake on June 20th. Back then, a man was reported to be sleeping outside of Walmart at Tsawwasssen Commons with the animal. Upon police request, both were relocated to the man’s nearby minivan. They were noted to be cooperative and polite.

Missing Snake

Of course, pythons aren’t venomous creatures; however, they pack an impressive grip. In fact, these slithering serpents constrict their prey to death. In order words, they suffocate their meals. With that being said, ball pythons are considered great pets, as they have a more docile temperament.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a snake has been at large in Metro Vancouver. In fact, a  5-foot-long boa constrictor was on the loose in Surrey last year. Luckily, the snake was found and safely returned to its owner.

Police also do not have a photograph of the missing snake. If the missing snake is spotted please call 9-1-1 with the location, so it can be quickly captured.


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