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Metro Vancouver vs. Disneyland, The Gloves are Off


A couple of years ago British Columbia had the slogan “The Best Place on Earth”, I realized that slogan sounded familiar but I didn’t put a lot of thought into it, (I had just turned 19 I wasn’t thinking of anything else besides, hey I’m legal!). Recently I came to the realization why it sounded so familiar, Disneyland. Disneyland is “The Happiest Place on Earth”. I love the Lower Mainland and Disneyland so I thought a comparison might be in order. I’ve grown up in the lower mainland and taken 4 trips to Disneyland (so far) so clearly no one is more qualified to compare the two then me.

Many people have been to Disneyland and know exactly what ride I’m talking about when I say the Matterhorn. For those who don’t, the Matterhorn is a snowy mountain ride in which you’re in a bobsled that takes you in and out of this snowy mountain, remind you of anything? That’s right, we have our own version of a snowy mountain right here in the lower mainland, a little mountain called Whistler. Whistler is a tourist hot spot and if you hit the slopes going fast enough, it’s definitely it’s own type of roller coaster. I’m having trouble deciding which mountain I like better, Whistler is sporting and fun and the Matterhorn is excitement and adrenaline. Ultimately, the Matterhorn and Whistler cancel each other out and neither one is better then the other. This round is called a draw.

Since the Matterhorn and Whistler evened the playing field next up is the Haunted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland is juvenile but nonetheless fun. There are ghosts, tricks, illusions and some funny paintings that drop their pants. However, our own lower mainland Haunted Mansion is a littler scarier. Every year the Dunbar Haunt comes out around Halloween, the similarities are uncanny, they’re both Haunted Houses that you walk, or ride through, to experience the haunts and scares, however the Dunbar Haunt is a little more adult. There are clowns, blood, gore, and basically anything else nightmares are mad of. I love the Haunted Mansion but with the lack of scare tactics I’m going to have to give this one BC and the Dunbar Haunt, nothing says a haunted house like wanting to turn around and go home. This round goes to the Lower Mainland.

Next up, the food. This round seems unfair to Disneyland. Although Disneyland has turkey legs and everything is shaped like Mickey Mouse’ face it is nowhere near the same caliber as the Lower Mainland. We have an amazing variety here, from amazing Asian food in the heart of Steveston Village, to Falconetti’s on commercial drive that makes it’s own sausages. You just can’t beat a city that has over 50 delicious food trucks. This round goes to the Lower Mainland, although it would’ve won by a landslide if it could make sushi in the shape of BC, the variety here really beats that of Mickey’s face, sorry mouseketeers.

After three rounds of cutthroat battle there is a clear winner here. The Lower Mainland beats Disneyland hands down, if you’re looking for rides we’ve got Playland, if you’re looking for adventure we have mountains with trails, and if you’re looking for a talking and singing mouse… well I’m sorry you’ve come to the wrong place for that one, feel free to contact the mayor with complaints. The lower mainland has everything you could ever want. We even have beaches so watch out California, I’ll vacation in Disneyland when I can but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but here.

Written by: Ashley Pothiboon

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