Baker And Table Cafe’s Melon Pan Is (Almost) Too Cute To Eat

baker and table cafe

Baker and Table Cafe has a variety of decadent baked goods, but this one takes the cake. Or rather, the melon pan.

It also just might be their cutest pastry yet. It’s based on Gudetama, a popular Japanese-created cartoon character.

The newly-introduced melon pan is super adorable and you may not want to dig into it.

But once you find out it’s filled with mochi yuzu cheesecake—you’re going to have to try it.

The Japanese bake shop has a number of other tasty items, including matcha souffle cheesecake, earl grey chocolate mochi, yuzu tarts, matcha-flavoured waffles and a mango yuzu dome.

Other popular melon pan flavours include matcha red bean, black sesame, taro and Vietnamese coffee.

baker and table cafe

Photo: @miso.shio/Instagram

Baker and Table Cafe

When: Open Tuesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., closed Mondays

Where: 6414 Fraser Street, Vancouver

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