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Meat & Bread’s Signature ‘Turducken’ Sandwich Returning For Christmas Season


Photo: Meat & Bread

Tis’ the season for all your favourite foods—including the ‘Turducken’ sandwich from Meat & Bread.

The epic sandwich has been such a hit over the last few years, so they’ve decided to give the people what they want and bring it back.

Vegans and vegetarians, stop reading now.


What is the ‘Turducken’ you ask? Well, it’s a chicken in a duck, in a turkey.

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While some may think the combination is a bit too much meat, others consider it a culinary masterpiece.

The ‘Turducken’ sandwich also has pickled red cabbage, fresh arugula, apple jus, brown butter sage and jalapeno cranberry mustard and then topped off with a ciabatta bun.

The signature sandwich is only available on select dates at Vancouver locations, mark your calendars.


Meat & Bread ‘Turducken’ Sandwich

Pender Meat & Bread (1033 Pender Street): December 21st to December 22nd

Cambie Meat & Bread (370 Cambie Street): December 2st to December 23rd


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