You Can Get FREE McDonald’s French Fries This Friday

Free fries

Celebrate National Fry Day in Canada this Friday, July 13th, with a delectable batch of FREE fries from Mcdoanld’s.

The fast-food chain is delivering the savoury, salty morsels in celebration of the annual event; however, there are a couple of catches. You’ll have to make a purchase of something, but you can select virtually anything on their menu.

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So, even if you get the smallest pop, an ice-cream, or a coffee, you can enjoy their legendary fries free of charge. What’s more, they are serving you a medium batch, so you’ll get to enjoy a little more of this tasty treat. In addition, you’ll need to download the McDonald’s App.

The chain offers a variety of promotions throughout the year, but they usually involve a charge. For instance, during the entire month of February, customers could sip on freshly brewed coffee for $1 a cup.

Free Fries at McDonald’s

Similarly, A&W is offering their ice-cold root beer completely free of charge this weekend. With that in mind, the chain is providing their signature beverage without any catch. So, you won’t have to buy a burger or a side of fries to sip the good stuff.

McDonald’s also offered tasty garlic parmesan fries back in December, but they were not for free.

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