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Mayor Refuses Burnaby Should Pay $1M Policing Bill For Pipeline Protest

Pipeline protest

Photo: Citizens Protest Against Kinder Morgan's Oil Pipeline on Burnaby Mountain / Flickr

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has voiced a strong opinion over who should foot the bill for costs for policing and managing activism related to the Trans Mountain pipeline – and it isn’t the City of Burnaby.

He says the the city shouldn’t bear the responsibility of covering the bill, which will cost thousands.

In fact, an outstanding bill for policing during the 2014 protests sits at a whopping $800,000.

“The provincial public safety and Solicitor-General’s ministry said the Police Act in B.C. compels municipalities with populations over 15,000 to pay for the cost of policing within their boundaries,” reports the Globe and Mail.

With that in mind, the pipeline’s expansion has sharply divided the country. The pipeline’s expansion, which will triple productivity from 300,000 barrels to 900,000 barrels, is hotly contested by many residents and the mayor alike.

While the federal Liberal government backs it, the provincial NDP government strictly opposes it.

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Pipeline Protest Policing and Arrests

At this time, more than 150 people have been arrested for protesting the pipeline. As a result, the number of police enforcement has increased during the protests.

Mayor Corrigan also expressed worry that the pipeline enforcement detracts from the city’s regular policing. In turn, he fears Burnaby could be less safe while priorities shift to the pipeline.

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