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George Massey Tunnel Replacement Bridge Put To A Halt

Massey tunnel

photo: TranBC / Flickr

The construction plans for a new replacement bridge for the George Massey Tunnel have come to a halt, until a new provincial government is formed.

The $3.5-billion contract is still awaiting to be signed and that won’t happen without the province giving the go-ahead and backing it.

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With the project being temporarily on hold, there’s a chance the bridge may not even happen at all.

The BC Liberals put forward plans for the new bridge but both the Green Party and NDP have spoken out against the initiative. Therefore, it could be scrapped altogether.

Andrew Weaver, leader of the Green Party, suggested to twin the tunnel rather than building a new bridge.

Despite the unknown future of actually constructing the bridge, it has been in the planning phase for over five years.

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