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Look Up! Mars and Jupiter Will Be Visible Over B.C. Tonight

See Jupiter and Mars tonight

Photo: Alexis Antonio / Unsplash

March 19th marks the spring equinox, which means both the day and night are equal in length. That also means that when you look up in B.C. tonight, you’ll see Mars and Jupiter.

This will be the earliest March equinox in 124 years, as the last occurred this early in 1896.

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These planets, alongside a crescent moon, will appear very close together in the sky. And as the month progresses, the planets will appear closer together.

Mars Jupiter Saturn in the sky this March
Photo: SkySafari App

The last time this happened was in January 2018 and before that was in November 2015. This time around, it will happen a couple hours before sunrise.

So, make sure to get out and look up tonight to catch this magnificent view.

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