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Trudeau Says Marijuana Will Be Legal In Vancouver By This Summer

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains firm with his decision to legalize marijuana.

Despite several suggestions made that the legalization should be delayed a year, Trudeau stated that recreational cannabis will be legal by the summer in Canada.


The suggestions were made by the Senate’s Aboriginal peoples committee, suggesting more consultation with First Nations people regarding tax, education, and risk regarding cannabis.

The delay would allow a chance for the Indigenous communities to be able to understand the risks and repercussions of marijuana.

The marijuana legalization bill is known as Bill-C45, and is 148 pages long. It was brought to the Senate for a vote in March, and was passed by 44 people in favour of the bill.

“We continue to work with provinces, with Indegenious communities, with groups across this country to look at how we’re going to move forward through what is a process, not an event.”

He went on further to say that it should come as no surprise that the Liberal government is determined to legalize this act, since that is what they committed to pre-election.

The Senate’s leaders have agreed to have a third reading of the bill on or before June 7th.


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