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Marijuana Activist Sends Christy Clark Pot In The Mail

Dana Larsen, a Marijuana activist in Vancouver has mailed a pot filled care package to Premier Christy Clark to help “resolve issues with the BC Teachers Federation”

Larsen, who is the Director of SensibleBC, a campaign to decriminalize cannabis in BC, tweeted that our Premier should be expecting a special package from him in the mail.

As you can see, the Canada Post envelope is addressed to West Annex of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria, B.C. with Christy Clark’s name.

Larsen also tweeted:

According to the activist, the marijuana will help negotiating teams “relax” and reinforce that legalizing marijuana in British Columbia will create a new line of funding from the revenues to the Province receives.

Ironically in 2012, Christy Clark admitted to trying marijuana when she was younger.

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