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Landlord Threatens Maple Ridge Residents Over Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

While a number of British Columbians relish the chance to enjoy festive decorations during the Halloween season, a Maple Ridge townhouse complex is vehemently against the spooky decor.

Residents of a 44-unit complex along Dewdney Trunk road were recently told by their landlord that their Halloween decorations had to be taken down or they’d be thrown out. 

Global News spoke to Tanya Cameron, a resident in the complex, who told them that, “It breaks my heart for my children, it makes me mad because I feel like I’m being controlled, especially for something that we do every year.”



They feel the ultimatum is especially unfair because they have been decorating their units for years without any issues until now.

Halloween Decorations Will Be Thrown Out

Residents say that they simply received a letter advising them to remove their decorations by the morning or else they would be taken down and thrown away by the landlord. Prior to the letter there was no discussion about decorations, and they were in shock. They still aren’t aware of the actual reasoning behind the action. 

Ownership of the complex recently changed hands, and that may be the reason for the new rule. A company named Capreit, which is one of the largest rental property providers in the country, now owns the complex.

The renters say they have no intention of taking down their decorations.

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