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This Mandarin Duck Is Causing A Total Frenzy In Burnaby

mandarin duck

It’s not the most likely animal to make headlines but this unusual Mandarin duck has done it.

This isn’t your typical bird either. It’s gained international recognition for its vibrantly coloured feathers.  Some people are even going as far to say it’s the most beautiful bird in the world. The duck is gold, green and blue.

People flocked to NYC’s Central Park when the elusive bird showed up—but there’s been one lurking around Burnaby for months already.

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Mandarin Duck 

The rare duck originates from East Asia, and no one really knows how it got to Burnaby.

Some experts are saying the bird must be a pet and escaped from its home and has now taken to floating in Burnaby Lake instead.

Given how unusual and rare this feathered species is and with no inclination of how it got here, this just may be the most elusive duck we’ve come across.



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