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Man Will Pay You To Help Him Find A Job In Vancouver

Man Will Pay You To Help Him Find A Job In Vancouver

It’s no secret that finding a job can be tough—especially in the competitive city of Vancouver.

One man named Robbie Cooke is taking the search to new heights with a unique approach to finding the perfect job. He has created a website called Help Robbie Find A Job in hopes someone will put him in touch with the right people and find a company that best matches his personality and skill-set.

Robbie just moved to Vancouver and doesn’t know a lot of people here. In an effort to find work, he created the website as a way to network and meet new people in the city.

On his website he mentions in more detail how he came up with the idea.

“I feel the best way to get noticed by an employer is to stand out from the crowd, by thinking outside of the box and working hard at being creative. After a few months of submitting my resume online to countless companies, pounding the pavement and not finding one that fits what I’m looking for, I knew I had to take a different approach to find that perfect position. I thought to myself, ‘what could I do to get noticed by a future employer?’ All sorts of ideas ran through my head, and it finally came to me: why not ask the people of Vancouver to be my personal headhunter?!  So this is what I have decided to do: build a website, share the word online, enrol the local community, ask for your help and build a network of amazing people!”

How It Works:

  • If you know of a job and can get Robbie in contact with the right people, connect with him through his website. He mentions that just sending him links to job postings doesn’t count.
  • Robbie will meet with the potential employer and go through all of the necessary steps of the interview process.
  • If it works out, Robbie is offered a position and accepts it. After the probation period is over, he says he will meet with whoever gave him the connection and pay them 10% of his starting salary (example: 10% of a $60,000 salary is $6,000).

With a BA in Business (major) and Studio Art (minor), Robbie has spent the last 6 years working as the Operations Manager and Insurance Broker for his family’s insurance brokerage in Saskatoon. To find out more about his work history and see if you can help him find a job, visit his website: helprobbiefindajob.com

What do you think of his creative approach to finding a job? Tell us in the comments below!


Written by: Meagan Gill

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