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London Drugs May Start Selling Medicinal Marijuana

Shoppers Drug Mart

London Drugs has mentioned they are actively looking into becoming a medicinal marijuana retailer.

The company, which has been named one of BC’s most loved brands in the past—is following suit after reports that rival Shopper’s Drug Mart and the Liquor Distribution Branch are considering selling medicinal marijuana.

The Vice President of Pharmacy John Tse says the drugstore chain is preparing to sell pot from an educational and health standpoint. He mentions when marijuana becomes legal, Health Canada will have to regulate it. The company believes it should be distributed through pharmacies in order to guide people who use the drug for medicinal purposes.

Vancouver is no stranger to medicinal marijuana shops—with plenty of dispensaries located in the city.

Being able to obtain marijuana from such a big retailer with a number of locations across the province would make it a lot more accessible and convenient for those who need it. Meanwhile, BC liquor stores are also exploring the idea of putting marijuana on their shelves.

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