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Local Vancouver Brewery Selling $1,000 Bottles Of Craft Beer

Local Vancouver Brewery Selling $1,000 Bottles of Beer

Storm Brewing has been hand crafting beer in East Vancouver for over 20 years and is releasing its most expensive beer ever. In fact, the Glacial Mammoth Extinction brew is the most expensive on the BC market and possibly ever in Canada. The sour beer was frozen and aged in oak barrels, making the 400L run a perfect winter craft beer.

The limited release also includes 10, one-litre bottles, each with a $1,000 price tag attached for good reason.

The unique packaging includes an ivory mammoth sculpture from extinct mastadons made by a local artist and the bottles were made by a glass blower.

Local Vancouver Brewery Selling $1,000 Bottles of Beer

Glacial Mammoth Extinction goes on sale December 5th with and without the expensive casing.



Written by: Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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