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Local BC High Speed Ferry To Cut Travel Times


Good news for those of you who travel between Squamish and Vancouver on a more frequent note, as a new BC made, high-speed, $8.5 million ferry could be the answer to shortening those car rides between Squamish and Vancouver to just around 40 minutes!

Slipstream Vehicles Ltd., a Powell River research company says its thrust-cushion vehicle (TCV) is expected to be ready by 2015 after working on the project for a few years. This ferry vehicle works in a similar fashion to a hover craft, including a fan design which lifts the hulls out the water with the help of its air support and thrust system, the ferry is able to travel at high speeds which would shorten the commute.

The ferry is expected to be able to hold 180 to 200 passengers, will be 32 metres long, and travel at speeds around 65 knots which is equivalent to 120 km/hr. The ferry is also expected to have a diesel and turbine-battery powered system which would save more than 60 percent on emissions and fuel costs. Not to mention possibilities of saving more than 75 percent on energy.

Squamish is just a start, if successful we could see these ferry vehicles used to connect those on Vancouver Island to Vancouver much easier and faster, and not to mention a faster connection between Vancouver and areas like Bowen Island, Gibsons, Roberts Creek and Sechelt.

Fingers crossed that this high speed ferry is available soon!

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