Fire & Ice: Liard River Hot Springs Is The Perfect Cold-Weather Destination

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Liard River Hot Springs

“Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice”, said Robert Frost in his famous poem “Fire and Ice.”

He was referring to literal fire and ice, but nonetheless his poem highlights the poetry of the relationship between fire and ice. And it’s a relationship that can be experienced and felt most thoroughly in a place like Liard River Hot Springs, especially in the dead of winter.

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Liard River Provincial Park

Photo: @casnnf / Instagram

Liard River Provincial Park

Photo: @scho.bella / Instagram

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park was established in 1957. It now features a campground, as well as a “Hanging Gardens Trail”, on top of the second-largest hot spring in Canada.

The 1,082-acre park is located within a lush boreal forest, in Northern British Columbia, in the Liard River community near Fort Nelson.

The waters of the Alpha Pool hover between 42°C and 52°C, and it’s open year-round. (There was also a Beta Pool, but it was permanently closed due to bear activity.)

Liard River Hot Springs

Photo: @igers_yukon / Instagram

An approximately 980-ft boardwalk passes through the forest, leading to the pool. In addition, nearby facilities include a change-house and a composting toilet.

The surrounding forest is home to a diverse plant community, as well as several mammal and bird species. Hence, why it’s sometimes referred to as the “Tropical Valley.”

A seasonal day-use fee of $5 is collected for adults, with annual passes at $10. However, day-use fees are not collected during the off-season, between Oct. 1 and Apr. 30.

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park is located on 75100-81198 Alaska Hwy, Northern Rockies B, BC.

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