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Leaked: All 3 Team Canada Olympic Hockey Jerseys

Team Canada Olympic Hockey Jerseys

Team Canada Olympic Hockey Jerseys

In the same month Team Canada’s Olympic Hockey home jersey for Sochi 2014 leaked, a new picture featuring all 3 Team Canada Olympic jerseys has leaked!

How legit are the jerseys? Well for starters, all three have the Nike logo, the company that designed Team USA’s and Russia’s jerseys. They also include  a zig-zag pattern right under the collar, which is also included in the U.S. and Russia designs. Another feature is the glossy pattern on the shoulders. The other uniforms have similar features.

The home jersey is red on the top and bottom, with a red maple leaf outlined in gold over white across the chest. The away jersey flips the red and white colours. The alternate design is black with a red bar outlined in gold across the chest with ‘Canada’ in white letters stitched in.

Hockey Canada announced that the new Team Canada Olympic jerseys won’t be officially unveiled until October 8th 2013.

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