Alleged Langley Kidnapping Attempt Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

Langley Kidnapping Attempt

An alleged Langley kidnapping attempt was caught on video and has been shared on social media.

A semi-truck driver can be seen trying to kidnap a young woman in the video that was uploaded to Facebook by Dylan Ackimenko.

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“I just wanna say i am so glad my friend Kelsey Young is okay” reads his video caption.

“My friend was walking home late last night early morning and this man in a semi pulled over and seems was trying to kidnap her saying i will grab you i will drive you”.

In the video, you can see the woman resisting multiple times and yelling “no”.

However, the man continues to assert himself on the woman and say “I will grab you”.

Ackimenko writes that “luckily she was filming and spooked him off” and that “the driver left and then came back after pushed her down and stole her phone”.

Below is the video of the incident:


RCMP are aware of this alleged Langley kidnapping incident and are currently investigating.

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