BC’s Lush Cathedral Grove Is Home To A Tree You Can Actually Stand Inside Of

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cathedral grove

British Columbia has an abundance of enchanting forests with scenic trails and lush trees; however, this one in particular may be Vancouver Island’s most serene.

Cathedral Grove is nestled in MacMillan Provincial Park, just in between Qualicum Beach and Port Alberni.

The grove is a rare and endangered remnant of an ancient Douglas Fir ecosystem on Vancouver Island. In fact, some of its biggest trees are an impressive 800-years-old and 29-feet in circumference.

Once you walk inside, you will know why people never want to leave here. The trails are quiet, the trees stand tall (some even up to 250-feet) and you will find many picturesque spots along the way.

Delve deep into the forest to find a sea of ferns and a few massive trees that have fallen over. You can even stand inside of one of these majestic trees for the ultimate backdrop.

Cathedral Grove

Flashback to dreamy Vancouver Island

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If you love to practice the Japanese art of ‘forest bathing’ then this is definitely the place for you. For more lush trails to melt your stresses away check out Hidden Groves on the Sunshine Coast or these spots in Metro Vancouver.

Discover Cathedral Grove 45-minutes away from the Departure Bay Ferry Terminal.

Location: MacMillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

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