This Stomach-Dropping Trestle Bridge In British Columbia Is NOT For The Faint Hearted

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Ladner Creek Trestle

There are a number of magical places to visit in British Columbia; however, few match the sublime majesty of this soaring piece of architecture.

Located in Hope, the Ladner Creek Trestle astounds visitors with its jaw-dropping height and lattice-work design.

At once beautiful and intimidating, it doesn’t come equipped with safety rails. As a result, the bridge can be extremely dangerous, but its part of the appeal.

It was originally constructed in the 1900s, and goes through a mysterious tunnel. The towering behemoth makes regular appearances on Instagram, inspiring more visitors every year.

Ladner Creek Trestle

Although famous for its height, the bridge’s location makes it all the more intriguing. Indeed, the incredible structure cascades out of the lush, evergreen forest, with a tumbling river running beneath it. In addition, the bridge itself is a rustic orangish-brown, giving it as strong artistic flair.

“The trailhead is located on a talus slope near where a gravel road branches off from the southbound lane of the Coquihalla Highway, immediately before the Ladner Creek bridge. The trail initially climbs a short, steep 90 meters in elevation before leveling off at the original Kettle Valley Railway grade,” describes Clubtread.

The total hike takes roughly an hour to complete, but that doesn’t include the extensive Instagram photoshoot some people include at the main attraction. So, if you plan on pictures, allocate a bit more time for that!

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Ladner Creek Trestle Address

The trestle is located right off Coquihalla Hwy about 30km east of Hope. Use Portia Exit #202.

Location: Ladner Creek Trestle, Siwash Creek Road, Yale, BC, Canada

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