Vancouver Island’s Abundant Avatar Grove Is Home To ‘Canada’s Gnarliest Tree’

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Get lost in the woods (but not literally) at this hidden gem on Vancouver Island. The lush Avatar Grove has an abundance of old-growth trees and sacred plant life to discover.

You’ll want to add this to your BC bucket list ASAP.

It’s the perfect place to go forest bathing or tackle a hike with your four-legged BFF. Nestled in Port Renfrew, it’s a nature lover’s paradise with over 120-acres to explore.

Avatar Grove is home to a variety of trees, including what is known as ‘Canada’s Gnarliest Tree,’ which is a gigantic Cedar tree that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. It also has Red Creek Fir, which is the largest Douglas Fir in the world and San Juan Sitka Spruce, Canada’s largest Spruce tree.

Avatar Grove Is Home To ‘Canada’s Gnarliest Tree’

"Because they are primeval, because they outlive us, because they are fixed, trees seem to emanate a sense of permanence. And though rooted in earth, they seem to touch the sky. For these reasons it is natural to feel we might learn wisdom from them, to haunt about them with the idea that if we could only read their silent riddle rightly we should learn some secret vital to our own lives." || Kim Taplin 🌲 . . . . . . #avatargrove #bigtrees #gnarly #vancouverisland #vi #islandlife #britishcolumbia #explorebc #mybc #canada150 #womenwhohike #outsidemagazine #solofemaletravel #womenwhoexplore #girlslovetravel #glt #ourbc #neverstopexploring #beautifulbc #pnwcollective #keepitwild #modernoutdoorsman #wildernessculture #modernvoyage #islandgirls #sheisnotlost #outdoorwomen #travelstoke #enjoycanada #letsgosomewhere

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Nearly 5-hours away from Vancouver, Port Renfrew is a bit of a trek but well worth the trip. It’s a 2-hour drive west of Victoria and has lots of incredible areas to take in.

Check out the pristine Botanical Beach or parts of the popular Juan De Fuca Park located nearby.

Avatar Grove

Location: Avatar Grove, Port Renfrew, BC

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