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Tossed Cigarette Butt Causes 100 Year Old Bridge In BC To Go Up In Flames

Ladner Creek Trestle

Photo: jnhill_ / Instagram

It may be one of British Columbia’s most beautiful bridges; however, human carelessness caused the Ladner Creek Trestle to go up in flames this weekend.

Located in Hope,the historic structure astounds visitors with its jaw-dropping height and lattice-work design.

Built in the 1900s, the beautiful bridge is part of a popular hike that is located right off the Coquihalla Highway.

On Sunday, May 27th, CBC News reports that a witness saw someone on the bridge fling a cigarette butt onto the bridge. Although the witness called BC Wildfire quickly, the fire escalated rapidly.

“Within 20 minutes the fire had grown from campfire size to bonfire size, and the planks of wood from the rail bed were falling into the forest below, lighting the trees on fire,” the report states.

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Ladner Creek Trestle


Since then, the fire has reached 0.2 hectares in size. What’s more, the steep terrain in the area makes fighting the blaze extremely difficult for firefighters. As a result, a helicopter was deployed to combat the flames.

While the fire is not expected to grow, it has caused significant damage to the area.

The incident is currently under investigation.


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