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COVID-19 Exposure Warning Issued To People in Kelowna Between June 25-July 6

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After several locations face possible COVID-19 exposure in Kelowna, the BC Centre For Disease Control (BCCDC) is adding a new spot to the list.

The health authority is warning that anyone who flew on Air Canada Flight AC8421 from Kelowna to Vancouver, on July 6th, may have been exposed to the virus.

[Updated: 2:10 pm July 13, 2020]

Health officials have issued a public warning about possible COVID-19 exposure in Kelowna.

The warning comes as eight people contracted the virus, after spending time in the city’s downtown in waterfront areas.

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“We are committed to notifying the public of specific locations and venues of concerns as our investigation continues,” read an Interior Health statement.


The health authority is urging anyone who attended private gatherings at the following locations to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Discovery Bay resort from July 1-5th
  • Boyce Gyro Beach Lodge On July 1st
  • Cactus Club, #1-1370 Water St., from July 3-6th
  • Pace Spin Studio, #5-1717 Harvey Ave, from July 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9th

Interior Health said eight COVID-19 carriers attended gatherings, bars, restaurants and other businesses between June 25-July 6th.

The health authority is undergoing contact-tracing, but said people who may have been exposed should self-monitor in the meantime.

Vancouver also recently faced COVID-19 exposure in a few locations, including two strip clubs and a hotel’s bar and nightclub.

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