How A Vancouver Comedy Writer Brought Down The Official Jeremy Renner App

Jeremy Renner App

Yes, Jeremy Renner has an official Jeremy Renner app.

In case you don’t know, Jeremy Renner plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His breakthrough role was his role as “Jem” in The Town.

At one point, he was on the verge of taking over the mantle of both the Bourne series and the Mission Impossible series, but obviously that didn’t work out for him. He’s also kind of known for being pretty decent at flipping houses.

This is to say that Jeremy Renner is an interesting character. Is he interesting enough to warrant an official Jeremy Renner app? We’ll leave that for you to decide on your own, but nonetheless, the Official Jeremy Renner app (as opposed to an unofficial one) does exist. Correction: It did exist.

The Official Jeremy Renner App

The app was born in 2017, and it allows his superfans to keep up with Mr. Renner and everything he’s up to. And in an attempt to monetize fandom, superfans are given the option to pay to be recognized within the app as a top fan. Fans can follow his day-to-day, keep up with his projects, and even bond over his music. (He makes music.)

But no more.

Earlier this month, a comedy writer from Vancouver named Stefan Heck, decided to give the app a whirl. He quickly realized that notifications from the app were slyly presented in a way that could lead someone to believe that Jeremy Renner himself was communicating with them.

“What this means, as you’ve probably figured out by now, is that if you post ‘Lookin’ good, Mr. Renner!’ under a blurry video of Jeremy driving a dump truck and someone named football_jersey97 replies with ‘There is diarrhea shooting out of my penis,’ your phone will buzz and you will receive a notification with the words ‘Jeremy Renner: There is diarrhea shooting out of my penis’ next to a little picture of Jeremy Renner’s face.”

One day, Heck decided to answer a question about weekend plans Jeremy Renner posed in a post. Heck facetiously replied with “I will be looking at porno on my computer.”

All hell, or “heck”, broke loose, but Mr. Heck wouldn’t know until after the weekend. After he returned from his weekend hiking trip, he discovered that dozens of trolls impersonating Jeremy Renner had sprung up, noting that they liked porno, and were really messing up the app, confusing legitimate fans and leading to some negative reviews.

Jeremy Renner (the real one, not the impersonators) subsequently announced last week that he was shutting down the app “due to clever individuals that were able to manipulate ways to impersonate me”, greatly saddening his legion of superfans.

So…yeah. The Official Jeremy Renner App was brought down by a Vancouver writer’s comment about watching “porno.”

At least we’ll still have his music.

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