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Jambo Grill: Indian And African Fusion Perfection (Review)

Jambo Grill: Indian and African Fusion Perfection

Imagine the bold flavours of Indian cuisine perfectly colliding with the wildness of Africa. Jambo Grill is more than just a fusion between both Indian and African favourites: the food will elevate your taste buds to a new level of zest; the service will keep you coming back for more…and more!

When you walk through the doors of Jambo Grill, you feel at home. The aroma of fresh ingredients hits you harder than an elephant’s tusk. Just by letting your eyes wander around the cozy restaurant, you’ll notice African décor, wallpaper and even attire – the friendly staff greets you in an outfit that matches the continent to a tee. Yet, the fusion of Indian accents lingers in the room, not only by simple designs on the walls and bar top, but also by the sheer delightful smell of home cooking happening in the kitchen.

Jambo Grill: Indian and African Fusion Perfection

The smell that captured my nostrils in a way that typical Indian cuisine has failed to do in the past.

I sat down at a round table and enjoyed a glass of water while taking in the sights around me. Elephants, giraffes and sunset walls captivated me. I could hardly even begin to look at my menu because the restaurant itself was intriguing. People around me engaged in conversations with each other while also devouring colourful meals that looked like something out of a renowned cookbook.

The server, who wore an authentic African-style shirt with mini elephants printed all over, and shoes with a stripe of Leopard print, took the time to explain the menu to me. He raved about the Jungle Ribs, an item my eyes originally skipped over. Indian food is my favourite of all the types, so I had my heart set on a bowl of Butter Chicken (which I of course decided to order). But the restaurant fusion had me feeling frisky, so I ordered the ribs without hesitation, too.

I continued to analyze the menu, not just to read the list of items offered, but the menu itself is something to be treasured. A bamboo binding holds the entire menu together; the colourful pages are inviting and showcase many of the menus beautiful dishes. It’s tough to decide what to eat when literally every item looks delicious.

Shortly, the owner of the restaurant returns with my meal – each dish looking far tastier than the menu could even do justice. The ribs were alive with a powerful red sauce that contrasted the green accompanying salad. And the Butter Chicken had a warm glow unlike any I’ve had in the past. Not to mention the side of Naan Bread was bigger than a medium-sized pizza! Portion sizes are always important to me and Jambo is very generous with the amount of food served in each meal.

Jambo Grill: Indian and African Fusion Perfection

Jungle Ribs

These ribs packed a punch! You can choose between Spicy and regular, but of course I had to be dangerous and go with the spice. The name says it all: the bone-in ribs look wild with juicy chunks of sizzling meat drenched in a Tandoori sauce. The wonderful server brought by two homemade sauces: a Pili sauce (basically the best hot sauce you will ever taste) and a Tamarind sauce (bold, sweet flavoured sauce unlike anything I’ve ever tried before). I cannot even begin to describe how delicious these ribs are. If you have ever had Maui ribs, imagine that same taste, but infused with even more flavour, spices and juiciness. The meat was incredibly tender and fell of the bone harmoniously with eat bite.

Butter Chicken

I’ve had my share of Butter Chicken dishes – I like to think of myself as the Butter Chicken Connoisseur. But this specific dish tasted so authentic, it reminded me of my days of working in a Curry restaurant. The sauce was just creamy enough and spiced to exactly my liking. Each chicken morsel was tender and perfectly cooked, with an array of Indian flavours in every bite. Though the Naan Bread seemed far too big for me to finish, I happily ate the entire basket because I could not leave behind a single drop of the Butter Chicken sauce.


Jambo Grill: Indian and African Fusion Perfection

Mombasa Ice Tea

Picture a mojito mixed with iced tea. This refreshing drink comes alive with mint, ice tea and real mango. Garnished with a pretty mint leaf, this drink makes boring old iced tea look just that: boring!


Jambo Grill: Indian and African Fusion Perfection

Masala Chai

The owner came to my table with a giant kettle of homemade chai. The aroma was warm and spicy; the liquid poured into my mug like a silky stream. Not only is the Chai bottomless, its unique flavour is unlike any chai tea latte you’ll buy from Starbucks!

My overall experience at Jambo Grill left me wanting to try more. Fusion restaurants usually spark my attention, yet Jambo Grill did so much more than that. With items such as Satay, Lollipop Chicken, Nataka Tilapia, I know I’ll soon become a regular to the restaurant. The service was quick, friendly and complemented the atmosphere effortlessly.

And above all, you’ll feel at home.

Jambo Grill delivers, caters and is open from 11am-10pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 11am-11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Stop by today and let them know I sent you! Check out their delectable menu here.


Jambo Grill Vancouver



Written by Crystal Scuor

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