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Intruder Breaks Into Vancouver Home, Strips, Cooks Eggs

A bizarre home invasion has Vancouver police warning residents to ensure they lock their doors and windows to avoid intruders.

The reminder stems from an accident on Tuesday night in which a 35-year-old man walked into a home near Cambie Street and King Edward Avenue through an unlocked back door.

Once inside, the man reportedly stripped off all his clothes, took out eggs from the fridge and began preparing a meal in the kitchen.

In the midst of his cooking, he also to damage the stove and microwave.

According to police, a resident was inside the house in a different room watching TV. When he heard noises, he assumed it was his roommate but decided to investigate anyway.

The investigation was short and shocking, and resulted in the resident chasing the naked stranger out of his kitchen.

The police were called immediately and arrested the suspect a few blocks away. They are recommending charges of mischief and break-and-enter.

Tuesday’s incident is just 1 of 1,600 reported residential break-ins in Vancouver this year. Approximately one out of every three of those show no signs of forced entry, and happened when someone entered through an unlocked or open door or window.

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