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Interview With The Person Behind The “Bagel Muncher” Tinder Account

Interview With The Person Behind The "Bagel Muncher" Tinder Account

Interview With The Person Behind The "Bagel Muncher" Tinder Account

Tinder is a popular matchmaking mobile application that is used to seek relationships, friendships, and most commonly, hookups.

Unlike the regular “right swiper”, one individual decided to find relations using the pseudonym “Bagel Muncher”.

With the description “I’m an everything bagel made of flour and water. I like the breakfast type so if you are bacon, scrambled eggs or toast, hit me up“, this lonely bagel wants nothing more than to meet people and have fun.


This individual, kept anonymous, shares their insight on their intentions in making this profile, and provides stories on previous conversations among matches.


Who are you?


My name is Bagel Muncher. I’m an everything bagel trying to survive in this world full of hungry predators.


2. Does anyone know who you are?


No one on Tinder knows who I am but all my bagel friends know me


3. What made you decide to create a fake Tinder account? Specifically using a bagel?


I just wanted to be a true silly billy. Also, I was joking in class one day about how funny it would be to be a bagel on Tinder and someone said I should just do it.


4. Have you received any matches? How have the conversations been like?


I have received quite a few matches (and un-matches). The conversations have been good, just straight trolling. Most of my matches have been good sports and have played along with the bagel convos.


5. Do you continue your conversation in character? or do you transition into more personal details about yourself?


I mostly talk in character but there have been a few times where I have given personal details such as “I miss Danity Kane” and “I’m Beyonce” and “Do you think about Missy Elliott?” (this one is a personal question that I have asked in hopes that someone will say “yes” and we would be best friends)


Interview With The Person Behind The "Bagel Muncher" Tinder Account

6. How long do will you continue to do this?


I’m not sure, maybe a few more weeks/months/years/centuries. Depending on how bored I am or when I realized that I’m a psycho.


7. Do you have any interesting stories or conversation content that you would like to share?


One time I matched with someone who got very invested in a man-bagel relationship. I did kind of provoke the trolling a little too much, and it got to the point where I had to pretend that I was going away for a few days to introduce bagels to a pack of wolves and would have no WIFI service to continue the conversation.

8. How many matches do you have?


I have 43 matches as of right now


9. Is there anything else you’d like to share to our readers?


This is all just good fun and if you match with me, play along! It’s fun for the both of us that way. Also, bagels are forever, bagels are life.




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Interview by Jenny Nguyen-Don

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