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ICBC To Place Holds On 55,000 Drivers Accounts Due To Unpaid Fines

Free Translink Service On New Years Eve

In 2012, the Province issued a new legislation that provided Translink with powers to enforce fares, impose and collect fines, and reduce fare evasion on the transit system. Among the several “powers” granted was working with ICBC and being able to refuse a drivers’ license or vehicle registration by ICBC if the driver had outstanding fines with Translink 90 days overdue.

Fast forward to today, ICBC is claiming 55,400 people have ‘refuse-to-issue’ notices on their driving files that they’ve earned from either crossing the Port Mann Bridge, Golden Ears Bridge, Translink tickets or family maintenance (unpaid child support or spousal support)

Breakdown of the numbers:

  • Port Mann Bridge – 25,000 people
  • Golden Ears Bridge – 17,000 people
  • Translink Tickets – 4,100 people
  • Family Maintenance – 9,300 people

More details on the matter are expected to be released later this week. In the meantime, if you have any outstanding fines, we suggest you take care of your debts and avoid the storm..


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