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How to Be An SFU Student

How to Be An SFU Student

Not too long ago, there was a video that went viral titled ‘How to be a Vancouverite‘ which offered insight, from a comedic perspective on people who live in Vancouver. SFU, has released their own twist on the video and issued a video titled ‘How to be an SFU student’ which goes into detail on how to act in and around school.

Some of our favorite pointers:

  • Learn to hate UBC
  • Start complaining
  • Talk about public transit

When broken down, the message of the video is for all students to come together with their different personalities and characteristics to help the SFSS build their new student building with a unique touch.

SFU and the SFSS have been creatively getting messages across on campus and online with video content. See two more example’s below:

For more more information on the Build SFU project, visit buildsfu.ca and get involved!

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