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Hockey Community

Hockey Community

Hockey is a phenomenon across Canada but isn’t exactly the most accessible sport. While playing a pickup game at the park isn’t a challenge to arrange, it can get a little tough for recreational players arranging a game or league on the ice.

That’s where Hockey Community comes in.

The digital platform organizes ‘your hockey life all in one place’ and allows hockey players to create leagues and tournaments. The software further allows you to find and create teams, manage stats, registrations, schedules and collect payments.

The Hockey Community team consists of engineers and designers who all share a strong passion towards the sport. We had a chance to chat with them in their Burnaby office and learn more about their role in growing the game.

Hockey Community

photo: Hockey Community

As a platform to make hockey more accessible, how does your website and app connect people?

With the help of the latest technologies on the web and with our mobile app, we’ve created a socially engaging platform which enables players to find events, new gear, rinks, teams and leagues from all over the world.

Was the goal of a hockey social network always clear and how did you work towards it?

We’ve always known that the hockey community needed a go-to place when it comes to finding anything hockey. We knew that discovering games was a struggle for many players; so one of the first things we tackled was to gather all the hockey organizers we know and get them to post all their “pickup” games on HC.  Sure enough this has attracted many players, creating a communal spot to find hockey.

What sort of growth have you seen since inception?

Even with minimal marketing, our members have been steadily growing globally. We’ve also built a software platform to help leagues manage rosters, registrations, and stats, which is fully integrated into our community. Its integration is first of its kind, so leagues are coming on-board to take advantage of the community’s resources, helping us grow rapidly.

Hockey Community

Hockey Community Office – Spacekraft

How has operating from Spacekraft benefited your company?

Spacekraft has helped us in many ways. Aside from the obvious networking space, the beautiful environment is covered with inspirational quotes, with plenty of open space giving our team creative juices. The many programs and activities keep everyone in the space engaged and in the know. This is especially helpful for tech companies like us to stay ahead of the game.

What does it mean to have so many members and resulting games occurring around the world?

We love seeing the sport we all enjoy grow, not just locally but across the globe. We’ve seen first hand what a simple game can create in a community. It creates not only a passion for the sport but friendships too! We’ve personally met players from other countries and have maintained relationships with many, with the common goal of helping grow the game.

The core of the Hockey Community is to spread good values, what are they?

Playing the sport of hockey has taught us life lessons and values we can apply to our own work and personal lives. Values such as perseverance, leadership, accountability and especially teamwork are integral values to our hockey community team.

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