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Opinion: People Need To Stop Hiking Down The Grouse Grind

Grouse Grind

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The Grouse Grind is one of the most beloved outdoor hiking activities in Metro Vancouver. With that being said, some hikers find the experience a bit frustrating.

For one thing, the cost of the gondola ride down just increased, and hikers weren’t notified on Grouse Mountain’s community channels.

Effective May 1st, 2018, the cost per person for the ride down is $15. Prior to this, the cost for a ride down was $10. Moreover, the ride didn’t really get any better – it just got more costly. As a result, many people hiked up the mountain this season to a surprise price increase.

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While people were upset about the price increase, most have accepted that the trail operates as a business; however, not everyone is content to take the hike down. In fact, a number of people chose to simply hike back down the tail, right beside the people that are hiking up the the steps.

Of course, this behaviour is met with some disdain. For one thing, it causes a great deal of congestion on the steps. The Grind is already a popular hiking destination; once hikers going down are added in, things become increasingly chaotic.


Grouse Grind

Of course, visitors are welcome walk down the marked BCMC Trail; however, they don’t always do this. Instead, they choose to simply turn around and head right back down. This behaviour isn’t only frowned upon – it simply isn’t allowed.

With that in mind, people that are looking to avoid the gondola charge ought to be careful how they get down the mountain. The BCMC trail is clearly marked, and is the only legal alternative to take if you aren’t using the gondola.

In fact, the Government of British Columbia announced that people who build their own trials without government approval could land fines up to $10,000. Further, perpetrators may even face jail time of up to 6 months.

How do you feel when people hike down the trail? Do you think that it should be allowed? Do you think that the gondola is too expensive? Is the BCMC clearly promoted?

Sound off in the comments below!


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