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Halloween Special: Potter’s House Of Horrors

Calling all you ghouls and goblins! Looking for a scare? We have just the thing for you – Potters House of Horrors has once again opened its doors for a frightening can’t-miss experience that promises to get you into the Halloween spirit! Over 9,000 square feet of pure terror, it consists of several rooms and displays connected by dark, winding hallways. I was lucky enough to make it out alive to share my spine tingling experience with you.

The creep factor starts as soon as you approach the line. While waiting for our turn, a huge actor (dressed up as a mix of Freddy and Jason combined, who could probably crush me with his palm) stares you down, never breaking eye contact while having this look in his eyes that says, “I dare you to come in”.

After the quick wait (we had the VIP passes – well worth it), we were allowed in to face our doom.

Walking into the first empty room we realized they did this on purpose: They made us wait so we wouldn’t be with any other group – we had to face this alone. (There was no better way to do it) My scaredy-cat girlfriend and I silently stare at each other, hearts beating out of our chests, palms sweating, thinking, “Why did we do this again?” Mustering up any bit of courage we could find, we oh-so-slowly make our way further into the House of HELL.

Fear, horror, anxiety, angst, despair and panic followed. (Along with too many encounters with Mr.Freddy/Jason) Each room is designed to push you to the limit: actors dressed up like the monsters you used to have nightmares about, props that look so real you expect them to jump out at you at any minute (and some of them do), paired with horror-movie music that sets you over the edge you just keep thinking, “When is this over?” Your eyes constantly shift left to right as you anticipate every dark corner to be something that might make you want to scream bloody murder and run for those emergency exits.

I don’t want to spoil any of the fun for you readers so all I can say is Potters House of Horrors did a fantastic job of getting me in the Halloween spirit, and also scaring the living you know what out of me. It was worth every minute – I recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a good, fun scare!


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Dates: Open Nightly October 12 to 31st
• 6pm – 10pm
• 6 pm to 7pm Nightly is Family Hour. A tamer version of our show for the younger or faint of heart.
• 7pm to 10 pm… they let all the beasts out!
Location: 12530 72nd Ave, Surrey BC

Written by: Melanie Booth

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