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Granville St Bridge Upgrades 2013

Massive Yoga Event To Take Place On Burrard Street Bridge

All year we’ve been hearing about changes to the Granville St Bridge including the addition of bikes lanes, redesigning the exits on the north end of the Granville Street Bridge to remove some of the traffic loops that create “dead space” underneath the bridge, and just adding more lanes in general.

Beginning in early 2013, the Granville Bridge will be undergoing seismic upgrades and expansion joint replacement from January to December 2013. During this time period, there will be:

  • An increase in vehicle congestion on Granville Island from January to June
  • Overnight bridge closures (12 midnight to 5:00am) from March to November
  • Daytime lane closures from June to October

The city states that the above closures will allow contractors to replace the original bridge bearings with new seismic isolation bearings. This project will greatly increase the seismic performance of the bridge, and in the event of an earthquake, minimize the risk of bridge closures, costly repairs, or even bridge decommissioning.

The info doesn’t give us a clear indication of what exactly to expect, but what we do know is we are getting an upgraded bridge to Vancouver’s retail and nightlife district.

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