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Granville Restaurant Claims Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World – $100

Well hot diddly dog!

A small storefront on Vancouver’s Granville Street is the home of a rare gourmet treat — the $100 hot dog. And it could soon be in a small storefront near you.

Dougie Dog is owned and operated by Dougie Luv, who is as ambitious as some of his menu items are exotic.

“We want to expand across the country, we want to share the love,” said Luv. “Why should Vancouver be the only place with the greatest hot dog in the world?”

So, what’s with the $100 doggie, Dougie?

Luv explains that this is no ballpark tube steak. It contains Bratwurst, Kobe beef, truffle oil, a dribble of $2,000 cognac and some Atlantic lobster.

“Pork and cognac, great combination,” said Luv.

Would you pay $100 for that bad boy?

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