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Google Reveals What Vancouverites Searched For Most In 2015

Google Reveals What Vancouverites Searched For Most in 2015

Google released their Year In Search trends report for 2015—which looks at the most popular search history topics.

The top ten most Googled terms across Canada were the following:

  1. Blue Jays
  2. Justin Trudeau
  3. Federal Election
  4. Pan Am Games
  5. Paris Shooting
  6. Agario
  7. Chris Hyndman
  8. Charlie Hebdo
  9. Lamar Odom
  10. Caitlyn Jenner

One of the biggest areas of interest for Vancouverites was real estate—with Yaletown beating out Kitsilano and Gastown by 20 per cent.

Despite the drought over the summer, the rain has been in full effect in the fall and therefore umbrellas were another popular Google search for Vancouverites. For every sunscreen search in Vancouver, there were two searches for umbrellas.

Whistler was also a popular search on Google—beating out Blackcomb by 900 per cent.

As far as people searching “Vancouver,” there has been a steady decline since 2005, besides a major spike during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Not surprisingly, Justin Trudeau was the most searched Canadian politician, and the most searched Canadian, in general.

As for the most Googled musician in Canada, Adele took the spot.

To find out more about what Canadians Googled this past year, visit the website.



Written by: Meagan Gill

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