GoFundMe Page Set Up To Help The Crab Park Chowdery Recoup Sales

Crab Park Chowdery

A dedicated supporter of the Crab Park Chowdery has started a GoFundMe page to help the restaurant recoup losses from the now infamous rat incident.

The popular Gastown eatery faced huge public outcry after a rat was allegedly found in a bowl of clam chowder. A customer posted an Instagram video of the incident on December 27th and the viral video has hurt the business tremendously.

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In a Facebook post, Crab Park Chowdery says that over the last ten days they have seen their “dream shattered”.

“The fact of the matter is an image has now been presented that is having devastating effects on us a a whole” continues the post.

The post also mentions that they went from making “$1500-$2000 a day to now $200-$400 a day”.

Please Share This PostHi Everyone. Over the last ten days we have seen our dream shattered. We’ve tried our best to…

Posted by Crab Park Chowdery on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

As of Wednesday morning, the campaign had raised $1,145 of the overall $10,000 goal.

Food Preparation At Crab Park Chowdery

Crab Park Chowdery, where the rat was found, actually leases a commissary kitchen in the basement of restaurant Mamie Taylor’s.

Since the dead rat in chowder incident, Mamie Taylor’s has cut ties to the Crab Park Chowdery.
However, this case is far from being solved.

Reddit user woollymarmoset noted that a friend who works at Mamie Taylor’s said “staff often prop open the back door because the restaurant gets hot and stuffy. The health inspectors have told them several times not to do this because the door opens to a filthy rat infested alley but it keeps happening.”

Following this statement, Reddit users found a photo of Mamie Taylor’s restaurant with its door propped open to an alley on Google Maps.

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