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You Could Get Paid $2,000 To Knit Or Do Yoga With Dogs

A Vancouver casting company is willing to pay $2,000 to someone with a specific set of skills. Jigsaw Casting is looking for a group of 3-5 people who live or socialize together.

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They are seeking people to be part of a campaign for Nissan Rogue, which will be filming from Sunday, August 23rd to Saturday, August 29th. At least one person from the group must have their driver’s license, the company added.


“This spot will reflect the diversity of Canada. We are looking for a broad range of ethnicities, culture, ages, sexual orientations and hobbies,” Jigsaw Casting said on Facebook.

Jigsaw Casting is seeking people from different age groups. For people from ages 25-55, they are looking for explorers – especially if they are into cave exploration. 

They are also seeking people who do yoga with their dogs, are into scuba diving, martial arts or someone who has an interest in space exploration.

The recruiters are also seeking knitters from 25-35 years old and vinyl record lovers from 45-55 years old.

The company is paying $2,000 per person and people must submit the application by Friday, July 10th at 9 am. You can apply online.

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