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Get Acquainted With Radio Hosts; Ruby and Cruise

Get Acquainted With Radio Hosts; Ruby and Cruise

Get Acquainted With Radio Hosts; Ruby and Cruise

Ruby Carr and David Cruise. While their names inspire thoughts of gemstones and tropical vacations, these two are down to earth and proud to be the latest voices on air in Vancouver. “Mornings with Ruby and Cruise”, Vancouver’s brand new morning show, launched April 7th, on the new Z95.3 which recently re-branded back from Virgin Radio.

604 Now had an opportunity to interview the radio hosts and help get you acquainted with them. Our questions are below in bold, with Ruby and Cruise’s answers in red.

1. Describe to us your first meeting. Did you two click right away or was there something you were unsure about the other person at first? How soon after you guys met did you do your first show?

R: The day that we met was such a crazy day for me!  I got up at 4am for my morning show then after the show I went to the airport and flew to Ottawa.  After landing in Ottawa, I was scheduled to meet Cruise at a restaurant.  Shortly after he sat down, we were gabbing away like old friends who had known each other for years.  We polished off a plate of nachos and then headed into the studio! It was a really long day for me but I  think we still managed to create some pretty cool stuff on our first recording session.

C: We met at a restaurant – and it kinda felt like an arranged marriage.  I quickly realized that we were both story tellers and within five minutes we were already having the kinds of conversations that you’d hear on a morning show AND we finished a giant plate of nachos!  We went into the studio a few hours later, turned on the mics, and just went with it.  It was super clear to me that we were completely different but that’s what makes for interesting talk.  If everyone has the same point of view … BORRRRING!  Plus, she was funnier than me … I liked that.

2. What does a typical day in the life of a radio host look like? 5:30am is no pretty start time.

R: Waking up at 3:30am or 4am is something that you never really get used to but it is kind of cool!  I like knowing that I’m awake before everyone else (okay, not everyone but a lot  of people!)  For me, it was about creating a routine.  Wake up, prep show, do show, review show, meetings/errands, exercise*, prep for tomorrow, sleep EARLY!  Last year, I went from doing evenings to doing mornings and I thought it was going to be terrible but once I established a routine, I actually became a far more productive person.

*The exercise is in an ideal world and happens most days but definitely not all of them, as I’m sure most people can relate. Haha.

C: I have 3 alarms: iPhone, iPad, and a digital alarm clock.  I set them to go off about 2 minutes apart starting at 3am.  Get to work around 4:15am and do some prep.  There isn’t much talk between us before we hit the air.  We stick to the ‘save it for the radio’ rule where no one really knows what the other one is going to say until the mics go live!  Sometimes we’ll give a quick primer like: “I’m going to be talking about airports”. That way everyone in the room can get ready to ask questions and tell their own stories about airports when the mics go live.  But other than that – you don’t really know what the other one is going to say.  After the show we talk about what we liked, what could’ve been better, and how we’ll improve for tomorrow.  And then … we nap!

3. How do you prepare for your show? What sort of research do you do?

R: Show prep is a huge part of our lives.  Everything is show prep!  For me, it is all about seeing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.  So, if I witness an awkward first date or if I have a bad customer service experience or even a good one, taking those moments and realizing that they’re all stories and people will probably relate.  The day-to-day personal bits and stories are the best and then you combine those with stuff that is going on locally and around the world and BOOM, you’ve got a show!

C: Show prep is one of my favourite things. I like to do two kinds of prep: 1. Scour the internet for funny stories, videos, memes, and pretty much anything that might be fun to talk about.  2. Keep a running list on my phone of awesome things I see or hear out in public on a daily basis.  I love to people watch so malls, parks, public transit; these are all great places to find fun and quirky material to talk about.

Get Acquainted With Radio Hosts; Ruby and Cruise

4. How long have you both been in Vancouver for? What is your favourite part about the city?

R: I’ve been in Vancouver for a little over a week and I love it here already.  I think for me and probably most people from the East Coast, seeing the mountains is my favourite part!  I don’t think I will ever get tired or take for granted how beautiful it is here.  I’m sure the longer I’m here, the more “favourite parts” I will have.

C: I landed in Vancouver on March 28th and without question my favourite part is the view of the mountains.  I decided to live downtown on the water facing north so that every morning I could wake up and have them right outside my window.  My skis and my gear haven’t arrived yet but the sooner they get here the sooner you’ll find me dropping into a bowl somewhere!  Slow down Spring – I’m not ready for you yet.

5. How do you plan to cater to a Vancouver audience?

R: No matter what show you do, in any city, you have to have local content.  I don’t think it is necessarily about “catering” to the Vancouver audience but talking to the audience about stuff that matters to them and stuff they care about.  If there is a topic that matters to Vancouver or to Canadians in general, we’ll be talking about it and if there is something going on here, we’ll be talking about it.  Our audience will be well informed and also have a great time and really, that’s what it is all about!

C:  I’ve had the great fortune to travel around the world and perform for thousands of people – and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s that people are the same wherever you go.  Sure, we have cultural and language differences (that’s a given), but we all love to spend time with friends and family, we all want to find balance between work and play, and the one thing we all share is that we all love to laugh.  I don’t think I’d ever try to cater to an audience – I’d just be me and give it all I got every time the mics go live.

6.  What can listeners expect to hear every morning? What do you wish to provide the city with?

R: We want to provide the city with a smile and a laugh.  We will make you think and we want to interact with you but we also want you to enjoy listening and have a good time with us every morning.

C: If you check me and Ruby out in the mornings you’re going to be a fly on the wall at a great party!  Somedays we’ll make you think, somedays we’ll tell a story that will melt your heart, but every day we hope to stir things up and make you laugh and smile.

7. Where do you hang out in your off time? What are your hobbies?

R: Is napping a hobby?  Aside from my naps, I like to exercise, watch movies, play video games, and explore!  Luckily, Vancouver is GREAT for exploring.

C: I love going to the movies!  If you call my phone and I don’t pick up it’s because I’m in a movie theatre.  And just so you know, I turn my phone OFF like the ad tells me to before the trailers!  Beware, if you’re the person who decides to light up the theatre with your phone and text during the movie – you’re gonna get an earful from me!  Haha!  And if you decide to TALK during the flick … ohhhhhhh there’s gonna be trouble!

Get Acquainted With Radio Hosts; Ruby and Cruise

8. How do your previous radio experiences compare to the new Z95.3?

R: In my previous radio experiences, I’ve always worked with teams that I was already familiar with.  This is the first time that I’ve come into a building where I didn’t know anyone and for the show, we built something from the ground up and it is extremely exciting (and scary but in a good way!)  I love it here already and I know it’s only going to get better and better.

C: One of my favourite comedians Steven Wright once said “You know that feeling when you are leaning your chair back and you go too far and almost fall and then catch yourself?  I feel like that all the time.”  That’s how I feel every time I get in the studio.  It’s this funny feeling in your stomach that’s a combination of butterflies and nervous energy.  I’ve had this feeling every time I’ve stepped to a mic since I started in radio … I hope it never goes away.

9.   The radio station “Z95.3” is almost iconic in this city. What will you bring to make it fresh and new again but also keep some past traditions?

R: The response to bringing back “Z95.3” has be SO amazing!  I was already excited but hearing how excited everyone else was made it even better!  We are fresh voices so I think it’s cool that we get to be new on a recognizable brand.  The one question that we were asked a lot is, “will Z-FX be coming back?” So, it is amazing that we were able to launch that our first week and bring back a tradition that not only everyone was familiar with but they also loved!

C: The amount of nostalgia attached to Z is amazing!  Almost every caller I’ve talked to so far has told me how happy they are to have Z95.3 back.  It might look like a letter with some numbers after it but it’s more than that; it reminds people of a time and a place in life that they might have forgotten about.  Every caller seems to have a Z memory about a song, a contest, or an on-air personality they loved.  I’m here to tell you that Z is back and better than ever!  We’re gonna give you a healthy dose of new music and contests plus we’re gonna give you all the things you used loved about Z95.3 … like ZFX!

10. What is your favourite thing about your job?

R: My favourite thing about my job is connecting with people.  Sometimes when you’re in a room talking into a microphone you forget just how many people are listening.  When I meet a listener and they say, “oh, you said something so funny the other day” or, “remember when you talked about this?  I had that happen to me too!” I get a rush every time and I hope that never goes away.

C: Meeting people who listen to the show.  As much as I enjoy talking on the mic in a studio – I love getting out and shaking the hands of people that give us their time. You have dozens of options on your dial and the fact that you chose to listen to me and Ruby, our crew, and our station means everything.  I’ve met a bunch of our listeners so far and I can’t wait to meet the rest.

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