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Priscilla Faia INTERVIEW

A bona fide Canadian actress has been in the making since the age of 8. Priscilla Faia was born in Victoria where she was first signed by a talent agent and started taking acting classes. Fast forward a few years to her early 20’s and the move out to Vancouver where she found acting work in commercials and guest roles on local productions like True Justice and Psych. Then came ‘the big break’, a major role and career pedestal: Rookie Blue.

Priscilla joined the main cast of hit police drama Rookie Blue and played the character of Chloe Price, a quirky and fearless rookie cop. Her acting was recognized with a 2014 Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series. This year she can be seen as noobie escort Izzy in DirecTV’s new indie three-way relationship rom-com “You Me Her” alongside Greg Poehler and Rachel Blanchard.

What was it like growing up in Victoria as a young aspiring actress?

When I was a kid, the acting community in Victoria was small.  The school I went to shut down so acting was put on the shelf for me for a while.


How did you make the decision to move to Vancouver and pursue acting as a career?

I wanted to do something that I loved, that fired me up when I thought about it. I remembered acting gave me so much joy when I was a kid. So, I decided to take an acting class, within the first 20 minutes I got the feels.  Within the year I packed up my life and moved to Vancouver.


What do you do for fun in Vancouver?

There is no better place than Vancouver on a sunny day.  It’s a dream for people who like to be active and adventurous. I’m not that person…haha just kidding.  I’ve just come back to Vancouver, so I’m really enjoying exploring the outdoors.


What did it mean to be apart of the successful Canadian TV series Rookie Blue?

I’m forever grateful for Rookie Blue for many things.  It was four years of my life, so I grew a lot.  Professionally, I learned so much.  Personally, I made incredible friends. It was some of the best times of my life.


What attracted you to the role of neophyte escort Izzy in You Me & Her?

John Scott Shepherd (creator/writer) writes really clever, grounded, witty characters.  I immediately was drawn to Izzy, I am not sure why exactly yet, but maybe it’s because she’s a yes person.  She jumps in. I dig that about her.


Did you have to mentally transition from a police drama to a rom-com?

Well, there was a year in between projects, so I had time to transition into real life again. However, transitioning into a polyamorous rom-com was challenging and so fun.

Priscilla Faia interview

From guest roles to main casts, do you have a career defining moment so far?

Every role is exciting for me.  I think that Rookie Blue was the biggest change for me, as it was the first time I was playing a character for as long as I did.


Advice for aspiring actors?

Go to YouTube and watch Alan Rickman on Charlie Rose give advice for young actors.  It’s all you need to know!  Also, if you really want it, keep at it, don’t digress.



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Written by: Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch
Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky

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